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The FEM in Nicaragua, a Woman to Woman Revolution

The Fundacion Entre Mujeres—the FEM (Among Women Foundation) is an organization of around 3,000 peasant women living in 17 communities working together to improve their lives. In their eight farming they practice agro-ecology to ensure food security. The FEM cultivates heirloom seeds that are selected for strength and resilience. A special reserve of seeds is

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Honduran Resistance Movement Member Decapitated in Recent Wave of Repression

A member of the Resistance Front against the Coup was decapitated Friday night presumably by the police under orders of the de facto regime. According to Andres Pavon, President of the Committee for the Defense of Human Rights (CODEH), this murder is part of a wave of repression by the de facto government against members of the Resistance Front.

Hemispheric Social Alliance Statement on Climate Change

We demand effective commitments for fighting climate change

Between the 7th and 18th of December, 2009 during the UN Conference on Climate Change (COP15) in Copenhagen, world governments will attempt to make commitments for reducing carbon emissions and lay out policies for mitigating climate change. In the face of the urgency and the growing recognition of the dangerous consequences of this phenomenon, the whole world is awaiting the decisions that will be made.