Honduran Resistance Movement Member Decapitated in Recent Wave of Repression

A member of the Resistance Front against the Coup was decapitated Friday night presumably by the police under orders of the de facto regime. According to Andres Pavon, President of the Committee for the Defense of Human Rights (CODEH), this murder is part of a wave of repression by the de facto government against members of the Resistance Front.  
“The body of Santos Corrales Garcia was found near Talanga on Friday (50 kilometers from the capital) and his head has still not appeared,” denounced Pavon.
Corrales had been detained on December 5th by five people wearing DNIC uniforms (National Criminal Investigation Division) carrying Galil machine guns and 9mm revolvers in a neighborhood in the south of Tegucigalpa.
According to Pavon, Corrales was interrogated and tortured for information about the resistance movement.   In addition to Corrales, other members of the resistance movement were arrested as well. All were tied at the feet and hands and taken to clandestine houses or police cells for interrogation. Black bags were placed over their heads so that they would lose their orientation.
“We consider that this horrendous crime is one more in a series that have occurred in which the bodies present signs of brutal torture, such as the cutting off of tongues and ears” stated CODEH in a communiqué. “The intent of this low intensity aggression is to create collective fear.”
Pavon stated that the death of Corrales Garcia is part of a repressive crackdown on the resistance movement by the de facto Government. 
Honduras has experienced political crisis since the coup d’état against President Mel Zelaya on June 28 and the subsequent installation of a defacto regime that continues in power today despite the rejection of a large part of the international community.

TeleSur – Afp-PR