Nicaragua Libre

Nicaragua Libre has been working since 1983 to build a policy of peace and friendship between the people of the United States and Nicaragua.

Ben Linder Presente! Light and Legacy Brigade

CASA BENJAMIN LINDER: LIGHT & LEGACY BRIGADE Where: Managua & San José de Bocay, Nicaragua When:25 April-2 May 2022 Cost: $75 per person/per day all-inclusive 9-day brigade. Total cost: $675 per person* To apply:Write to Application deadline: 25 March 2022 Description: 40 years ago as a young juggler, unicyclist & electrical engineer, Ben Linder

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The FEM in Nicaragua, a Woman to Woman Revolution

The Fundacion Entre Mujeres—the FEM (Among Women Foundation) is an organization of around 3,000 peasant women living in 17 communities working together to improve their lives. In their eight farming they practice agro-ecology to ensure food security. The FEM cultivates heirloom seeds that are selected for strength and resilience. A special reserve of seeds is

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The Friendship Office is supporting fundraising efforts for the Fundación Entre Mujeres (FEM), an organization of peasant women in northern Nicaragua.Over the past 24 years the FEM has grown to include 2,500 members in 17 communities and eight agricultural cooperatives throughout Estelí. From the outset, the FEM included in its core mission the goals of promoting the education and health of women and girls, and fighting domestic violence. SOVEREIGNTY OVER OUR BODIES, OUR RIGHTS AND OUR SEEDS! Support the Fundación Entre Mujeres in Nicaragua. Click here to see how you can help!

Calm and Conflict a Dispatch from Nicaragua – Dr. James Phillips

Dr. James Phillips, author of Honduras in Dangerous Times, also has many years of experience in Nicaragua. In an article published in Counterpunch, he writes of the legacy of the US sponsored contra war on both countries and of new reports about armed groups forming in Honduras and Nicaragua. He underscores the concerns of Honduran human rights defenders about the predictably deadly impact of this “convergence of forces and interests among gang members, narcotraffickers, and former Contras in Honduras, together with anti-Ortega re-Contra groups in Nicaragua…. A neat distinctions between armed political opposition and criminal groups seems increasingly untenable in this context that affects both countries. That these groups are actively supported by United States agencies is uncertain but widely suspected, based on a long history of U.S. support for “regime change” in Nicaragua.” Phillips emphasizes the need to learn from the tragic mistakes of the past. ” Maybe someday, with our help, Washington will leave Nicaragua to sort out its own problems in peace.”…

Newsletter – December 2018

“The Friendship Office stands with partners in the region in affirming the need to search for peaceful solutions and in rejecting U.S. threats, sanctions and intervention. For Nicaragua, this includes opposing economic and military intervention and the Nica Act, sponsored by the same right wing extremists that supported the coup in Honduras.”Please see the full Newsletter here.

Jubilee South: Declaration on the social political crisis in Nicaragua!

“We reject the interference led by the government of the United States and supported by its allied governments, some of which have come to power via coup de ’tat and are responsible for multiple forms of human rights violations in their own countries, for example, Honduras, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and Mexico. These actions fuel and encourage the script of terror that has impacted the people of Nicaragua. We affirm the right to sovereignty and self-determination for this sister nation. We express the need to search for peaceful solutions, to establish concrete guidelines for processes of reconciliation based on peace with justice and truth, including the possibility of an inclusive dialogue processes between the government and representatives from the different sectors of society.”Please see the full Declaration here.

April 28th – Celebrate Ben and the Re-Inauguration of the Casa Ben Linder

On Saturday April 28th the Casa Ben Linder will host a celebration of Ben’s life on the 31st anniversary of his assassination, Re-Inaugurate the Casa Ben Linder and celebrate its new life under the leadership of friends at Jubilee House Community. Gather at 3:30 at the Casa Ben Linder: Teatro Guachilpilin will kick off the event with “Bajo Cielo Sobre Mar” – a show with puppets, actors and jugglers! Guitarist Pablo Suazo will provide a musica testimonial Paul Baker Hernandez and Guitarra de Madera Azul will singAll afternoon evening: Tour the CBL remodel in-process Tour the murals Enjoy tasty food and drinks Shop at Esperanza en Accion’s fair trade shop Visit with old friends and meet new ones Come, celebrate, and share new life at the CBL! You can see more on this Facebook page,

Paris Accord: US Out – Nicaragua In

 While Donald Trump gives the appearance of wavering over his decision to pull the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement, Nicaragua has decided to sign it. It was one of only two countries not to sign in Paris last year; the other was Syria. Nicaragua abstained out of principle: the agreement didn’t go far enough. The target – to keep the average global temperature no more than 2ºC above pre-industrial levels – was too high, and in any case unlikely to be met.

Padre Miquel dEscoto – Thank you for giving us a better world. We hold you Presente!

The Friendship Office is deeply saddened by the passing of Padre Miquel dEscoto who died on June 9, 2017 after 84 years of life fully lived. In the many tributes to his life and legacy, Miquel is described as, a Latin American prophet of peace inspired by Sandino and Bolivar,kkll Dorothy Day, Gandhi and Martin Luther King… An uncompromising anti-imperialist…a Chancellor of Peace and Dignity…a voice of conscience who spoke truth to power and expected others to do the same.