Alliance for Responsible Trade

ART is a national network of labor, family-farm, religious, women’s, environmental, development and research organizations that promotes equitable and sustainable trade and development. ART is the representative coalition to the Hemispheric Social Alliance (HSA), a hemispheric wide organization of coalitions which are challenging the dominant models of power.

Letter of the Assembly of Social Movements at the World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth

 21 april 2010Movements, networks and social organizations gathered at the Assembly of Social Movements held in Cochabamba, in the framework of the World People's Conference on Climate Change, welcome the initiative of President Evo Morales Ayma and respond to the global call to confront the commodification and privatization of common goods and the climate change debate itself.We consider that the issue of climate change is important along with other manifestations of the global systemic crisis.

Its time for a new relationship with Bolivia

Evo Morales is the most popular President Bolivia has ever had, winning re-election last month with 64% of the vote in spite of the fact that he is often at loggerheads with Bolivia’s upper classes who have control over the country’s print and television media.
Evo Morales and representatives of the US government have a history of tense relations as well. The situation dates back to the 1980s, when the United States government declared the War on Drugs and Evo Morales became a leader of a federation of indigenous farmer’s unions representing the growers of the coca plant. US policy of forced eradication of the coca plant turned Morales’ home community into a war zone.

Today’s violence against peasant families – detained, wounded and deaths

According to preliminary reports from Honduras, the violent removal of 600 families organized in two farming cooperatives in the Aguan Valle has resulted in 40 people detained including children, 15 wounded and three deaths. There are unconfirmed reports of the rape of three women. Many have gone into hiding.

Radio Progreso, Equipo de Reflexión Investigación ERIC

Hemispheric Social Alliance Statement on Climate Change

We demand effective commitments for fighting climate change

Between the 7th and 18th of December, 2009 during the UN Conference on Climate Change (COP15) in Copenhagen, world governments will attempt to make commitments for reducing carbon emissions and lay out policies for mitigating climate change. In the face of the urgency and the growing recognition of the dangerous consequences of this phenomenon, the whole world is awaiting the decisions that will be made.

Augstina Flores- teacher from La Esperanza released on bond

October 13th- Last night Augstina Flores Lopez was released on bond after having spent 21 days in jail. The day that President Zelaya returned to Honduras, Augstina joined a multitude of people from her community of La Esperanza and headed to Tegucigalpa to see the President. The following morning, the police attacked the crowd with tear gas, water cannons and their long clubs. Augstina was sitting on a curb when the police came up and began beating her with their clubs in her face and on her back. They eventually arrested her and charged her with criminal destruction of property and sedition.