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Delegation FAQ

What kinds of things will we be doing on the delegation? Delegation activities will be decided on a daily basis, based largely on the on-the-ground situation and the requests from our Honduran partners. Activities may include:

  • Visiting the non-governmental human rights office
  • Accompanying lawyers and human rights promoters to detention facilities and hospitals to verify the whereabouts and condition of detainees

Preparation Manual for Solidarity and Accompaniment Delegations in Post-Coup Honduras

A Solidarity and Accompaniment Delegation to Honduras with the Quixote Center is for people who are willing to have their lives touched and forever changed. The primary reasons for considering a Quixote Center delegation to Honduras in the context of the current political tension is to answer the call from the Honduran people for international presence. The Honduran people are waging a historic and persistent nonviolent struggle against military and economic hegemony.