Sample Delegation Schedule: Archived from the 4th International Solidarity, Accompaniment and Observation Delegation in Honduras 2-9 August, 2009

Sunday, August 2
Day Arrival of people
4:00pm Meeting with the past delegation and the Anti-coup Front (El Frente)
8:00pm Dinner with the new delegation members to get to know each other and for an overview of the week

Monday August 3
8:00am Meeting with the Anti-Coup Front in the STIBYS union hall
10:30am Observe the protest and press conference of the Teachers Resistance movement, which included the wakes of the two teachers killed for their participation in the Resistance
3:00pm Meeting with the head of COFADEH (Honduran Committee of the Families of the Detained and Disappeared)

Tuesday August 4
5:00am Leave for San Pedro Sula to take the testimonies of the people who were repressed in August 3rd protest; members of the Frente and COFADEH came along
10:00am Meeting with survivors of the Monday’s police repression; testimonies and photos were taken
3:00pm Late lunch
5:00pm Return to Tegucigalpa

Wednesday August 5
9:00am Meeting with the delegation to write the report and prepare for the meeting with the Embassy
11:00am Meeting with the Human Rights officer of the US Embassy
12:30pm Go to the National University, where the elite police squad Cobra had been dispatched to repress a group of students who were protesting inside the university, whose Rector was also verbally and physically assaulted in the process
5:00pm Meet in the COFADEH office for updates on the national situation, especially with respect to the various marches which had set out for San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa

Thursday August 6
7:00am One part of the delegation heads to Juticalpa, along with the lawyer of a detained man, to visit the man who has been detained for weeks on old bogus charges that should have been dismissed. He was detained after denouncing the murder of his son by a sniper at the July 5 protest in which the people were awaiting Zelaya’s return at the airport.
10:00am The other part of the delegation goes to the COFADEH office to work on the letter which would be given to the Honduran Attorney General, asking him for information about whether and how he was doing his job of defending the human rights of the people.
7:00pm Dinner together and sharing of the day’s events. Preparation for the meeting with the US Ambassador, which had been secured for the following day.

Friday August 7
8:00am More preparation for the Embassy meeting, and finalization of the letter for the Attorney General in both English and Spanish, for immediate dissemination nationally and internationally
11:00am Meeting with US Ambassador Hugo Llorens in the US Embassy.
12:30pm Lunch with a Latin American Labor Union delegation.
4:00pm Meeting with the Lawyers Anti-Coup Front, to hear about the situation of human rights in the country and also for more general analysis of the overall situation

Saturday August 8
9:00am Meeting to draft the statement for the Cultural Protest in Tegucigalpa’s Central Park
11:00am Attend the Cultural Protest and read the statement, which includes a commitment to maintain an international presence throughout the people’s struggle
3:00pm A part of the group meets up with the march in Sabana Grande and talks with the people
7:00pm Final dinner, evaluation, and reflection.

Sunday, August 9
Day Delegates leave on various flights

This is the real schedule from the 4th Quixote Center delegation.
We offer it to you as a sample of
typical activities.

Please note that NONE of the activities were set up in advance; rather all emerged the evening before or day of, in response to events on the ground and requests from Honduran partners.

We do not offer this by way of suggesting that the content of future delegations will be similarly robust or fluid. Everything depends on what is happening at the time the delegation is in the country.