Accompany the people of Honduras: Join our 9th Honduras Accompaniment Delegation, Nov. 27 – Dec. 4, 2010

Nicaragua-US Friendship Office of the Americas

Accompany the people of Honduras

Join our 9 th Honduras Accompaniment Delegation

Nov 27 – Dec 4, 2010


"The daily bloodshed of human beings is perpetrated by executioners without faces, without names, who operate with absolute impunity…" 6th  Report on Human Rights, COFADEH


Dear Friends,

Your presence is urgently needed in Honduras. Over a year after the coup in Honduras, heavy repression continues to destroy lives, families and human rights; levels of impunity, militarization and paramilitarization create what partners describe as a state of war against the people.

This week, despite testimony and calls from Honduran human rights organizations, many of you, and 30 members of Congress to suspend U.S. police and military aid to Honduras, U.S. State Department officials traveled to Honduras, announcing plans to intensify the militarization of Honduras through the Merida Initiative.

Your presence is needed in Honduras to bear witness to the human rights crisis, the efforts of the non-violent resistance movement to transform their society and the deadly impact of U.S. Policy.

In defiance of a ruthless campaign of state terror, the broad based, non-violent resistance movement persists; sustaining pressure on a government considered to be illegitimate and charting a course towards a Constituent Assembly as a way to address profound structural inequalities and refound the country. Ten journalists have been killed this year for attempting to tell this story.

As the United States intensifies its military machinery in Honduras, help us to intensify our solidarity with those whose lives and bodies bear the brunt of "golpes," political persecution, militarization and still dream of a society transformed.

Please join our Honduras Human Rights Accompaniment Delegation, Nov. 27- Dec. 4, 2010 – –help us to accompany and to tell this story. For more information and an application, please contact Jenny Atlee,


Thank you for your solidarity,

Jenny and Caitlin

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