Nicaragua Libre

Nicaragua Libre has been working since 1983 to build a policy of peace and friendship between the people of the United States and Nicaragua.

Padre Miquel dEscoto – Thank you for giving us a better world. We hold you Presente!

The Friendship Office is deeply saddened by the passing of Padre Miquel dEscoto who died on June 9, 2017 after 84 years of life fully lived. In the many tributes to his life and legacy, Miquel is described as, a Latin American prophet of peace inspired by Sandino and Bolivar,kkll Dorothy Day, Gandhi and Martin Luther King… An uncompromising anti-imperialist…a Chancellor of Peace and Dignity…a voice of conscience who spoke truth to power and expected others to do the same.

Nicaragua Presente at SOA vigil

This weekend, Jose Angel Corrales Perez, from the rural community of El Lagartillo, in northwestern Nicaragua will be on stage at the SOAW vigil in Fort Benning Georgia. A gifted musician, Jose is a member music group Los Rusticos del Norte, which has won local and national musical competitions and is recognized for its performance of original music. He is proud of his campesino roots, and his courageous community.

Tica Times article on the La Penca bombing

Tico Times recently published a series of articles to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the La Penca bombing.  The articles are written by several journalists, some of whom were actually present when the bomb exploded during a press conference given by Eden Pastora, a former Sandinista who became disenchanted and left Nicaragua to head up the southern front of the contra.
They seemed to have figured out who actually planted the bomb, but there doesn’t seem to be conclusive evidence as to who ordered the bombing- if it was the CIA or t