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Updated: Breaking News—President Zelaya Returns to Honduras!

After three months in forced exile due a military coup d’état on June 28th that ousted him from power, President Zelaya returned to Honduras today. Speaking at a press conference from the Embassy of Brazil in Tegucigalpa, Zelaya said that he will begin a process of “dialogue to develop a path for returning to peace.” Zelaya asked the armed forces of Honduras not to intervene and called for supporters to come to the Embassy of Brazil to lend protection and to help in the reconstruction of democracy. The General Secretary of the OAS is expected to arrive on Tuesday.

Report from 6th International Delegation – Women Religious accompany people of Honduras

<p>&nbsp;<font size="2"><i>We thank everyone for their prayers for the Honduran people, and for our delegation this week. Our delegation will issue a more formal report after we return home, but informal notes follow in order to share a glimpse of what we are experiencing. While we are the sixth delegation in a series of international human rights missions since the coup on June 28th, we are the first religious delegation.</i> <br />

Honduran Journalist Beaten

Ricardo Castro, a radio and TV journalist for twenty-eight years, said he’s never seen repression like this in Honduras.  The previous Wednesday in Comayagua, the simple act of taking out his recording equipment at an anti-coup protest got him thrown to the ground and beaten by police.  He showed us the still-dark remnants of bruises sustained that day.  Wednesday he was detained along with peaceful protestors, and he said that the police sprayed water and pepper powder on the floor of their holding cell to make their eyes and skin burn.  On Monday in San Pedro Sul