Updated: Breaking News—President Zelaya Returns to Honduras!

After three months in forced exile due a military coup d’état on June 28th that ousted him from power, President Zelaya returned to Honduras today. Speaking at a press conference from the Embassy of Brazil in Tegucigalpa, Zelaya said that he will begin a process of “dialogue to develop a path for returning to peace.” Zelaya asked the armed forces of Honduras not to intervene and called for supporters to come to the Embassy of Brazil to lend protection and to help in the reconstruction of democracy. The General Secretary of the OAS is expected to arrive on Tuesday.

The National Front Against the Coup reports that police have been deployed in the streets of Tegucigalpa to intimidate those coming to welcome the return of Zelaya.

Roberto Micheletti, who was appointed Presidency under the coup regime, has repeatedly threatened to arrest Zelaya if he entered the country. Today however Micheletti’s whereabouts are unknown.

The Quixote Center has an Accompaniment Delegation in Honduras at this moment and will be reporting from Tegucigalpa as events unfold. Stay tuned.