Action Alert: Day After Attacks in Honduras

Thank you for your calls to the US State Department and Ambassador Llorens to denounce the brutal repression unleashed on peaceful protestors yesterday in Honduras.  Today, people are stunned , injured and reeling from the impact of yesterday’s attacks by Honduran police and military.

The cities of Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, have been militarized.  In San Pedro Sula, helicopters dropped tear gas canisters on the city and have arrested over 300 people.  The military has occupied centers in San Pedro that housed people participating in Tuesdays march.  Lawyers are desperately working round the clock to secure the release of those detained.

In Tegucigalpa, the Teachers University resembles a military base.  Large numbers of people remain detained and missing.  The use of 1980’s torture centers as detention sites raises concerns that people are being tortured.  COMAL and COPINH report that members of their organizations are missing and fear they may be disappeared.

Today our delegation is accompanying Honduran human rights workers to detention sites.  See our Press Release detailing events.

Our partners in Honduras are deeply concerned about the rapidly deteriorating situation.  They have asked us to sustain emergency accompaniment work through the end of this year.  We need your help to stand with the courageous human rights workers and people of Honduran at this critical time.  Please consider a donation of $100 to support our accompaniment effort.

Also, please call the U.S. State Department (202-647-4000) and Ambassador Llorens 011-504-236-9320 ext. # 4268 and demand that the U.S:

  • Publically denounce the extreme and widespread violations of human rights on the part of the coup government.  
  • Publically state that it will not recognize elections sponsored by the coup regime.
  • Revoke U.S. tourist visas and freeze bank accounts of those involved in the coup.
  • Cut off all U.S. economic assistance for the coup regime in Honduras.

Thank you for accompanying us on this Quest for Peace in Honduras.