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Urgent Action: Carlos H Reyes receives death threats

On May 20th at 6:00pm Carlos H Reyes, leader of the Honduran Resistance Movement and former Independent Presidential candidate, received a series of death threat on his cell phone. He was able verify that the call came from a land telephone in Tegucigalpa. The number was 226-9965. 
The caller issued the following threat in a gruff voice: "We are going to take your head off (expletive), you have a very few days left to live." 


The Committee of Families of the Detained and Disappeared of Honduras, COFADEH, sends an urgent message to the national and international community to express our deep concern regarding the official government communication issued via national TV stations, in an intimidating tone similar to that used by official radio and TV broadcasters following the June 2009 political, military coup.

Call-in Solidarity with Victims of State Terror in Honduras

Since the November elections in Honduras which resulted in the installation of Porfilio Lobo as President on January 27, 2010, the human rights situation in Honduras has continued to deteriorate. According to human rights organizations, there is a marked increase in selective targeting of people and communities active in the resistance movement. Despite a public discourse of reconciliation on the part of Lobo, partners in Honduras are experiencing increased levels of state terror. 

Today’s violence against peasant families – detained, wounded and deaths

According to preliminary reports from Honduras, the violent removal of 600 families organized in two farming cooperatives in the Aguan Valle has resulted in 40 people detained including children, 15 wounded and three deaths. There are unconfirmed reports of the rape of three women. Many have gone into hiding.

Radio Progreso, Equipo de Reflexión Investigación ERIC

Urgent Action Alert for Honduras

We are receiving alarming reports from partners in Honduras.  Emboldened by the United States endorsement of the November 29th “elections,” the state terror apparatus in Honduras has ramped up its grisly repression. 
There has been a spike in targeted murders and abductions following the November 29th “electoral event” which was massively boycotted by the people of Honduras. This escalation of human rights abuses is especially alarming because the judicial system is on holiday until January 2nd.  People are terrified and are leaving the country.

Honduras Action Alert: This is not the change we wanted

Last Sunday, "elections" were held in Honduras by a military coup regime that is internationally recognized as illegitimate, responsible for massive human rights violations and in an environment of terror and persecution.

Over 300 Honduran candidates dropped out in protest.  The OAS, UN, European Union and Carter Center did not send observers in a strong international statement of non-recognition. The massive, historic, non-violent resistance movement in Honduras which has courageously resisted the coup for over five months, called for a boycott and stayed home.