Urgent Action: Carlos H Reyes receives death threats

On May 20th at 6:00pm Carlos H Reyes, leader of the Honduran Resistance Movement and former Independent Presidential candidate, received a series of death threat on his cell phone. He was able verify that the call came from a land telephone in Tegucigalpa. The number was 226-9965. 
The caller issued the following threat in a gruff voice: "We are going to take your head off (expletive), you have a very few days left to live." This message was repeated three times. Carlos has long been an outspoken voice for justice in Honduras. Earlier in the day, he had been on the radio denouncing the role of the United States in the coup and its continuing interference in Honduras. It is likely that the death threats and his statements on the radio are connected.
Quixote Center staff in Honduras had just met with Carlos earlier in the day. When we asked him about the selective assassinations which continue unabated in Honduras, he said that they were going to continue.
Often our action alerts are a response to deaths which have already happened. Today we are asking you to all now, to help save a life.  We ask you to demand that the number Carlos was called from be traced, and that actions be taken against whoever made the call. 
Please call the U.S. State Department, Gabriela Zambrano- Honduras desk at 202-647-3482 or Chris Webster at 202-647-4087 or the U.S. Ambassador in Tegucigalpa at 011-504-236-9320 ext #4268 and demand an investigation into the source of this call.
We are activating Emergency Response networks for both English and Spanish speakers, some calling U.S. offices and others calling Honduran government authorities. 
We can do our part in dissuading violence and the murders which continue to be planned daily if we are vigilant and at quickly in response to Human Rights violations in Honduras.
Thank you for your willingness to act.
Quixote Center