US Citizens to protest in front of Embassy in Honduras

Members of the Quixote Center delegation are organizing a presence in front of the US Embassy in Tegucigalpa at 3pm today, to reinforce the message that this electoral process is illegal, illigitimate, and further corrodes democracy.

Long touted as the "solution" to the "political crisis" in Honduras, the elections are anything but.  To legitimize these elections is to support a military coup d’etat in Honduras.  To pretend that these elections are free and fair is to deny the reality of illegal detentions that are occuring THIS VERY MOMENT, the systematic targeting of members of the Resistance Front, and the pervasive violations of human rights and constitutional law.   The international community, especially many Latin American countries, will not just turn a blind eye to the last five months of repression, state terrorism, torture and murder.

The US has taken a characteristically double-faced approach to this process, and has only recently allowed the true message of complicity and hegemony to reveal itself via its admissions that it will recognize elections regardless of the coup regime’s failure to comply with the Tegucigalpa/San Jose accords, regardless of the fact that legitimate Honduran President Manual Zelaya remains trapped inside the Brazilian Embassy, regardless of the fact that the military and police enjoy complete impunity in their role as systematic violators of human rights.