Results of the negotiations of Tuesday Oct. 13th

This morning, Juan Barahona, who represented the national civic committee against the coup and served as one of the three negotiators assigned to represent President Zelaya, resigned from the negotiations. He had been asked to sign on indicating his agreement with a statement that renounced the call for a Constituent Assembly. He indicated that he was never and would never be in favor of such a statement. He was replaced by Rodil Rivera, an advisor to President Zelaya.

At the end of the day, it was reported that the commission had come to an agreement on 90% of the agenda which came from the San Jose Accords. They agreed to form a government of unity which would organize elections for November 29th and turn over power in January 2010. The only point which had not been yet addressed was point number 6, which refers to the return of President Zelaya to power. The committee agreed to end proceedings for today and resume at 9:00am tomorrow to deal with the final point, the restitution of the President Zelaya. It remains to be seen if this point will be resolved.