Another day, more denunciations in Honduras

Every day brings more acts of threats and repression. Today a denunciation was reported to the Honduran Human Rights group COFADEH that an Italian-Argentinean artist named Maria Luisa Fiaso, who is in currently in the country with the Artistic group Zapayasos, was threatened twice between last Friday night and Saturday.

First, as they were leaving a bar called La Caramba, where they were presenting an artistic program, someone came by in a pickup, rolled down the window and pointed a pistol at them. The next day, in the neighborhood called Hato, someone came up to Maria Luisa, asked her a few questions, and proceeded to threaten her and her friends, telling them to watch out . These are just a few of the denunciations which are received here at COFADEH every day.

One of the things I am doing while here is helping in a small way to order a few of the hundreds of cases which they have received, but because of being overworked they have not yet had time to put in order so that they will be able to put out a report. From what I have seen, I estimate that this report will have over 500 cases, an average of nearly 5 per day since the coup happened.  Hopefully it will be ready soon.