A QC Delegate Reports from San Pedro Sula

(See our original report for photos.)

We just returned from the downtown square in San Pedro. The people decided to march into the core from a location about a kilometre away from the square. Such a protest is illegal under this coup regime; after gathering for about an hour the protestors decided to march and the crowd gathered steadily as they approached the market square. The police were making a visible presence with large weaponse showing, ahead and behind the march. Upon gathering at the square the police blocked the protestors in with their police in riot gear and a water cannon. The protestors faced the police and water cannon and sat down peacefully singing their anthem. The climate was tense; the police then fired tear gas into the crowd and advanced with the water cannon, chasing the protestors through the streets. We managed to get to safety and then came back to the square to see some people who had been beaten by the police. We are hearing that voter turn out at polling stations is very low. We will be going soon to polling stations now to observe for ourselves.

Scott Marshall
Common Frontiers