Peaceful march in San Pedro Sula brutally repressed with water cannons and tear gas

San Pedro Sula, Honduras. 1:30pm.  A peaceful march of over 500 people was just culminating at the Central Park of San Pedro Sula when a large armored tank with high pressure water cannons mounted on the top pulled up at the rear of the march – along with a large truck full of military troops. The 500 peaceful, unarmed protesters turned around to face the tank and troops – and in unison, they sat down in the middle of the street. The truck retreated 2 blocks.  The soliders got off the truck , and began to put on gas masks.  Everything went silent – and suddenly the crowd was attacked with water cannons and gas.  People are fleeing. There are wounded and detained. The QC Delegation is fleeing the scene at this moment and will send reports.