“We want to live in Peace… DO NOT continue trying to destabilize Honduras” …President Xiomara Castro, speech to the United Nations

“Not only am I the first woman to have the honor of leading our Central American nation, but I also represent the first democratically elected government after going through 13 years of dictatorship, the 2009 coup d’état, full of cruel assassinations and death squads, two separate electoral frauds, a pandemic and two hurricanes.  It is impossible to understand Honduras and the great caravans of migrants without recognizing this context of cruel suffering that we have had to go through.

But electoral democracy is not enough to obtain the material and spiritual well-being of our people.

Thirteen years of a dictatorship, protected by the international community, led the country to multiply by six its public debt and reach a poverty rate of 74 percent, the highest rate in the history of Honduras.

5 out of 10 of my compatriots live in extreme poverty, but I am clear that none of these figures impress anyone in the world today that lives under the monetary dictatorship that imposes the most draconian measures of fiscal discipline on the poorest, that increases the suffering of the neglected majorities, and where speculative capital has no limits.

It is evident that for our country to survive today we must reject this presumptive austerity that rewards those who concentrate wealth in a few hands and exponentially increases inequality.

Since the inauguration at the end of January, we have shown a strong desire for consensus, always expressing the firm decision to achieve agreements on our commitments without denying any of them, but work to undermine the will of the people comes at us from all directions, while conspiracies are fomented among the same sectors that looted the country and their coup allies emboldened by a  brazen anti-democratic attitude, sometimes disguised as diplomacy.

The public policies endorsed by the rentier {economic} model from the international financial community of the last 13 years have dragged us into a world full of violence and poverty with failed and abandoned projects, corruption, looting and drug trafficking.

None of the international witnesses to the electoral frauds of 2013 and 2017 were ignorant of those who were condemning our people, and yet they were complacent about the worst plague that has hit our country.

The arrogance of capital and petty interests made many opt for deception while organized crime led the country to the abyss.

The poor nations of the world will no longer endure coups, the use of law fare or Color Revolutions, usually organized to plunder our vast natural resources.

The industrialized nations of the world are responsible for the serious deterioration of the environment but they make us pay for their onerous lifestyle and for this, they spare nothing to plunge us into their plans and into an endless crisis, trying to tie us hand and foot.

The Honduras that I direct is being built under a vision of humanistic refoundation, impregnated with dignity and sovereignty, which will do what is legally important to recover our environment, and achieve the common good for all our population.

For this reason, this arbitrary world order is unacceptable to us, where there are third and fourth category countries, while those who think they are civilized do not tire of carrying out invasions, wars, financial speculations and crucifying us with their inflation over and over again.

I take this platform to demand that we be respected, we want to live in peace, DO NOT continue trying to destabilize Honduras and dictate its measures or choose with whom we should relate.

The people are sovereign and they demonstrated it on November 28, supporting my victory, the largest in history. And the resistance that fought against the imposed dictatorship during these 13 years accompanied me en masse in  the streets this September 15, the day of our independence, conjuring up public threats and the bad habit of continuing to deliver national assets to the highest bidder, as if we were no man’s land.

Never again will we bear the stereotype of the Banana Republic, we will end the monopolies and oligopolies that only impoverish our economy.

A generous people, who have watered the defense of forests and rivers with blood, we will not forget the hundreds of murders of young people and of our comrade Berta Cáceres, nor the forced disappearance of Honduran men and women because of their way of thinking, like the 5 Garífuna comrades two years ago.

Every millimeter of the Homeland that they usurped in the name of the sacrosanct freedom of the market, Zedes, and other regimes of privilege was irrigated with the blood of the original peoples. My social and democratic government will return to a state of justice and law, so that this does not happen again.

We are working hard to prioritize stimulus and the elimination of fiscal abuses. We have already started promoting a law for energy as a public good, the restoration of  rights to workers and support for our internal market by investing in agriculture for food security, subsidizing the poorest who no longer pay for electricity.

We have proposed renegotiating free trade agreements. We have made the sovereign decision to invest in our development by substituting imports, but competing in international markets without subsidizing the excesses of developed nations.

To Women, who have been denied their inclusion in development for centuries, we will recognize their importance in society as part of its backbone; we will provide health, quality education, security and food sovereignty to our children and youth.

For Honduras, each caravan of migrants fleeing from the dictatorship that was set up for more than a decade is a hard loss for our country and for their families. The numbers tell us that this process of exodus caused by neoliberal injustice generates more unemployment and binds us to an undesirable dependency.

In our country, paradoxically, emigrants generate more foreign currency income than many of the traditional exports. Our solidarity and accompaniment is with TPS recipients.

In Honduras we cannot continue to support the hypocrisy of a system that judges crimes related to drug trafficking for 12 personalities, but supported them for more than a decade in the commission of criminal actions, two electoral frauds, and crimes against the Homeland and against millions of Hondurans.

For all this, we are going to set up an international commission to combat corruption and impunity with the support of the Secretary of the United Nations. Honduras will only have a future if it takes firm steps to dismantle the Neoliberal economic dictatorship.

That is why we have already begun the refoundation of the Homeland and of education with the ideals and values of our national hero: Francisco Morazán Quezada.”