Some January 26th Activities by groups around the country

Here are descriptions of actions and links to the videos made from groups in Chicago, Portland, Louisville and Boston as a part of the call by the World Social Forum to demonstrate widespread opposition to the status quo. Chicago: Dear friends: Many thanks to all the Chicago-based groups that signed on to the letter initiated by the Chicago Trade With Justice Working Group, opposing ratification of the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement. The letter was delivered this morning to the Chicago offices of Senators Durbin and Obama, and it is also being faxed to all members of the U.S. House from Illinois. You can read the final text of the letter below, or by clicking on this link: Further, in a video just posted on YouTube, members of several of these groups give their reasons for opposing the U.S.-Colombia FTA. We encourage you to view it, give it a rating, and leave a comment to increase visibility on the site: Please feel free to share the information and these links with others and encourage them to do the same. Select this article to read the letter and see links to the actions of the other groups. read more