Sign on to our letter Supporting the Costa Rican People

From the Stop CAFTA Coalition and the Quixote Center: In Costa Rica, there has been a call for nationwide actions by farmers, indigenous communities, civic and patriotic committees and diverse social organizations organizing against the US-Central America Free Trade Agreement (DR-CAFTA). The action will take place Wednesday the 27th and Thursday the 28th this week. They will be protesting the implementation agenda for the laws required under DR-CAFTA, and they have asked that organizations in the U.S. send letters of support for their movement. Several of us have quickly constructed a letter, which has an initial group of signers. We apologize for the short time line but the Costa Rican groups would like to have this letter to take to the action on Wednesday. We are only asking organizations who can decide quickly to sign on to this. The deadline is Today Feb 26th 6pm EST! If your organization can sign the letter below, please send your organizational adhesions to: The undersigned groups and individuals in the United States offer our solidarity with the struggles of the people of Costa Rica and the Patriotic Committees in this moment of decisionread more