Hemispheric Social Alliance Bulletin November 11, 2008

Contents:1. Governments and social movements in the continent have high expectations after the election of Barack Obama as the new President of the United States.  2. Message from U.S. Indigenous leaders regarding the U.S. election3. Social organizations around the world protest the upcoming G-20 Summit in Washington D.C.  4. The scheduled EU- CAN meeting in Brussels on the Association Agreement is cancelled 5. Decriminalization of abortion moves forward in Uruguay6. Repsol-YPF is expelled from Ecuador and ENEL brings a demand against El Salvador7. The institutional crisis in Colombia remains tense after revelations about extrajudicial executions8. The Bolivian government accuses the DEA of human rights violations in Bolivia9. The Congress of Argentina will vote on November 13th about nationalizing private pension funds10. Popular and Social Front in Paraguay succeeds in creating the Agrarian Reform Council   read more