The Future of Mexico´s Oil: Social action to stop the energy grab!

 In Mexico, as in the U.S. and Canada, citizens and democrats wish to "close the revolving door between the executive branch and K street (corporate) lobbying …". Mexicans are currently mobilizing to stop the deeply un-democratic practice of lobbyists [writing] national policies [i] From Barack Obama’s Blueprint for ChangeMexico is in the middle of one the most intense processes of public debate in its modern history. The theme is: the future of its energy sector and the state oil company PEMEX. The debate has been a demand of the Frente Amplio Progresista (formed by the left of center parties) in order to allow Congress to consider an upcoming bill that would privatize operations of PEMEX.   President Calderon (in office following a disputed electoral process) is trying to privatize energy that under the Mexican Constitution belongs exclusively to the State (Article 27th). The debate is  part of a social demand to halt this initiative that violates the Mexican Constitution. Mexican energy is one of the few sectors excluded from NAFTA, and one of the few  still owned by the Mexican State.  read more