600 signers for Nicaraguan Democracy – can we add your name?

Our Hands off Nicaragua campaign has generated a terrific response since we launched it September 13th. Over 650 of you have signed the open letter to Ambassador Trivelli opposing U.S. interference in Nicaragua’s elections, and contributed $25 or more to get that letter published in La Prensa and Nuevo Diario on October 13th.Since we launched the campaign, the U.S. has stepped up its interference in the electoral process. Just two examples from recent weeks:

  • Just last week, U.S. Congressman Dan Burton, Chair of the sub-committee on Western Hemispheric affairs, visited Nicaragua and threatened that a Sandinista victory would mean war, inflation and destabilization and that aid from the US might be cut off. Said he, “It is important that the people know what could happen if the FSLN wins the elections.”
  • In late September Ambassador Trivelli was identified as the instigator of an effort to use a massive survey of voter preferences among the anti-Sandinista forces as a means of uniting the opposition to Ortega.

Clearly, our voice is needed more than ever to let the Nicaraguans know that there are Americans who support their right to free and fair elections. We need at least 150 more signatures by this Sunday to get the letter published in the newspapers. If you haven’t yet signed the letter and contributed, now is the time. Click here to sign the letter and contribute to its publication.