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Operación Siléncio in Honduras: the Protracted Violence of the Coup

It’s become clear to me while spending time with Bertha Oliva of COFADEH (Committee of Family Members of the Disappeared in Honduras) that the situation in Honduras is worsening, and that the military is gearing up for a long-term dirty war against the people.  She called it "Operación Siléncio." 

Congressional Briefing on Human Rights Crisis in Honduras – Women Give Testimony

First Video:  Jessica Sanchez of Honduran Feminists in Resistance (Feministas en Resistencia Hondureno) talks about the violence against women in Honduras as it was perpetrated by the National Police and Army.

Second Video: Meri Agorcia (COFADEH) documents systematic repression in Honduras through statistics and figures.

Bertha Oliva (COFADEH) Gives Testimony at Congressional Briefing sponsored by Rep. Grijalva D-AZ

Bertha Oliva, coordinator of COFADEH (Committee of Relatives of Missing Prisoners in Honduras) speaks about the purpose of COFADEH and its history of involvement in the search for the disappeared. She speaks about how the torturers from the dark period of the 1980’s, who used to hide in the shadows to murder, now have the protection of the military coup government to challenge, through their rapes and illegal detentions, the very framework of human rights in Honduras and the world.