Congressional Briefing on Human Rights Crisis in Honduras – Women Give Testimony

First Video:  Jessica Sanchez of Honduran Feminists in Resistance (Feministas en Resistencia Hondureno) talks about the violence against women in Honduras as it was perpetrated by the National Police and Army.

Second Video: Meri Agorcia (COFADEH) documents systematic repression in Honduras through statistics and figures.

Towards the end, she speaks about the Army intelligence’s request to the 280-some Honduran mayors, asking them for a list of those who have participated members of the resistance. They are called "disturbers of the peace." The Army ends the letter by informing the mayors that they will be receiving a visit and that they should comply quickly.

One wonders, what are they preparing this list for? It would appear that more systematic repression is on the horizon for the people of Honduras who are working for the restoration of their democratically elected president.