Climate Change Summit Underway in Bolivia

By Redaction AHORA / / Wednesday, 21 April 2010 07:45

The Summit on Climate Change currently underway in the Bolivian city of Cochabamba is a ray of light and hope for those concerned with the environmental situation on the planet. It is also an alternative to the meeting that took place in Copenhagen, where rich countries conspired to come up with an agreement that exempts them of any responsibility regarding the climate world situation.
This meeting showed the world the true face of industrialized countries when it comes to issues related to the environment. In Cochabamba, civil society sectors are meeting to design a strategy to fight for the survival of mother Earth.
While in Copenhagen the most powerful nations tried to impose their opinions, to safeguard the interests of those who curiously are the ones who pollute the environment the most, in Cochabamba all those interested in reverting the current situation can openly speak to their minds.
These groups were repressed by police forces in Denmark and they had to wait patiently at the Bella Convention Center while politicians discussed these issues behind close doors.
This meeting only showed that developed nations couldn’t care less about the world situation and that there is absolutely no political will to solve the problems facing the world. While the poor of the Earth strive to safeguard the planet, rich countries only work to protect their economic interests, without thinking of the consequences.
There are mayor differences between these meetings. The Cochabamba summit was summoned by Bolivian President Evo Morales, a leader who has proved his interest in the future of our planet. 
Morales’ speech in Copenhagen clearly showed his stance. He said that “if we want to save the human species, if we want to save planet Earth, we must change the current world order and the capitalist system.”
The representatives meeting in Cochabamba will be discussing an international referendum on the creation of an International Climate Court to judge those who pollute the environment and the inconveniences of expending millions of dollars in wars. / RHC