Urgent: Marchers & Delegation Under Attack in Tegucigalpa

Please call the State Dept immediately at 202-647-4000 and tell them U.S. citizens are in the midst of a peaceful march in Tegucigalpa, Honduras that is under attack by the Honduran military and to instruct the Honduran military not to fire on protesters.

We have just received an urgent call that a peaceful demonstration in Honduras is being attacked by the military, and our delegation on the ground is among those who are in danger. We ask you to please call the State Department and to let them know that marchers, including US citizens, are trapped by the Honduran military in a confined area and are being attacked.

While they were eating lunch, the military enclosed an area with wire and began to fire tear gas. Some marchers began to run, along with members of our delegation, with the military in pursuit. We have reports of shots being fired.

We ask you to take action to protect Honduran citizens and our delegation.

Thank you,