Union Leader murdered in Honduras

On February 3, Vanessa Zepeda, a 29 year old nurse and SITRAIHASS union leader (Honduran Social Security Institute) left her home at 2pm. At approximately 6:30 pm, her lifeless body was dumped out of a vehicle in Loarque, a neighborhood well known for resistance movement activities.  Vanessa had received repeated death threats linked to her activism in the resistance movement which had been registered by human rights organizations. She was the mother of three children; the youngest is 4 months old.

SITRAIHASS will hold a march for Vanessa on Friday, Feb. 12 beginning at 6pm. Vanessa is remembered for her firm belief in the possibility of a better world and her participation in the resistance movement. Photos show Vanessa at a resistance march – and her body after she was killed on Feb.3rd.