State Terrorism against the resistance movement contradicts discource of reconciliation

Feb. 5, 2010 COFADEH

The state terrorism which has been implemented since June 28, 2009 against the people of Honduras in the form of selective crimes, political persecution and other human rights violations contradicts the discourse of reconciliation and the installation of a Truth Commission. 
For the Committee of the Families of the Detained and Disappeared of Honduras, (COFADEH), the current regime is seeking to clean up an image that has been flooded with blood and terror by presenting itself as a government of reconciliation to the international community.
However, this is not reality. As wine is sipped in elegant hotels, the story of those who carried out the coup is heard and of those who now carry out their orders regarding the establishment of a Truth Commission. Outside, there are kidnappings, assassinations and the refinement of perverse strategies to dismantle the resistance which has been sustained since the coup d’état and advances in its objective of a National Constituent Assembly in order to draft a new Constitution.
Every effort is being made to white wash the coup d’état. Last week, an amnesty was approved that is a monstrous maneuver to cover the crimes of those who responsible for human rights violations.
There is a dire situation in the country in terms of human rights violations. The following cases are just a sample of the emergency that we are living with respect to fundamental rights: 
Feb. 2, 2010 – Two young cameramen, Manuel de Jesus Murillo Varela and Ricardo Rodriquez were temporarily kidnapped by police officers dressed as civilians and taken to a clandestine jail. They were hooded and lost consciousness due to asphyxiation. They were threatened with having their toes and then heads cut off if they did not respond to questioning regarding arms and money.
The same evening, members of the resistance, Ariel Lobo and Ricardo Dominquez, were captured by preventative police and taken to the Manchen station. They were also interrogated regarding the possession of arms. In August of 2009, Ariel Lobo was the victim of a kidnapping attempt on the part of the army and heavily armed men in civilian dress.
Feb. 3, 2010 – Vanessa Zepeda, a 29 year old nurse, active member of the resistance and union organizer, left her home at 2pm. Her body was later dumped out of a vehicle in the Loarque neighborhood between 6:30 and 7pm. Vanessa was the mother of three children; the youngest is 4 months old.
January, 2010 – Blas Lopez, a teacher and leader of the Pech ethnic group, was murdered in the village of Carbonal. He was an active member of the resistance.
Crimes and persecution against the peasant of the Unified Movement of the Aguan, MUCA, continued.
In addition, the Security Minister, Oscar Alvarez in collaboration with Public Ministry officials, continues to carry out early morning searches of homes that are a violation of human rights.
COFADEH demands that the international community remain steadfast in the struggle against impunity and not be deceived. We ask that you continue to accompany the people of Honduras in our search for freedom, justice and truth.
(translated by the Quixote Center)