Repression at Embassy

Here is another testimony taken by a member of our International Witness Delegation.

Lilian, a 46-year old resident of Tegucigalpa, was in the region of the Brazilian Embassy yesterday, along with hundreds of others, celebrating democratically-elected president Mel Zelaya’s return. At about 5:30am, members of the police and military came to displace the assembly.

They used tanks to surround the area and began firing tear gas and live bullets into the crowd in an attempt to concentrate people in one area. At that time, Lilian was vomiting from the strong effects of the tear gas. She quickly found herself alone in front of the embassy.

What the military did then, “instead of helping me or at least ignoring me,” Lilian said, was to beat her at least 20 times with clubs. They were also shouting things like “You’re from the Resistance aren’t you, you son of a bitch…Call the Resistance to come help you now.”

The photos show the effects of those beatings, including severe bruising on her leg, arm, and wrist.

Brazo Golpeado // Beaten Arm

Bruise on Leg // Golpe en la Pierna

Beaten Leg // Pierna Golpeada

Mano golpeada //Bruised hand