Micheletti suspends Honduran constitutional guarantees for 45 days

Everything is indicating that the coup government is moving forward in a serious way with their threats and demands to the international community and against the Honduran people in particular. Today at noon it was announced that yesterday the Official Daily La Gaceta published an executive decree, signed by Micheletti, his pseudo-ministers which suspends all Constitutional guarantees for 45 days. This decree prohibits all meetings and demonstrations without permission of the military, speak against officials or emit information different than official pronouncements.

At the same time, it is considered that any media which doesn’t transmit information considered ‘official’ the National Commission of Telecommunications (CONATEL) is authorized to use the police and military to close these media outlets. This is a clear threat against Cholusat Sur (Channel 36), Radio Globo, Radio Progreso, Radio Uno and the newspaper El Liberador. The newspaper Diario Tiempo is also at risk, because it has maintained an editorial position against the coup.

As a response to this decree channel 36 has maintained rotating strikes against transmissions for 30 minutes, putting a pattern of colors on the screen with a message “This is what Micheletti wants”.

The situation continues to be extremely tense, difficult to identify solutions via dialogue. The coup actors are not willing to abandon power nor have they realized any dialogue.

This comes in a report by Jesus Garza of CHAAC but is substantiated by many Spanish language news reports.