Join a Quixote Center Delegation of Solidarity, Accompaniment, and Observation to Honduras

Please Join a Quixote Center/Hemispheric Social Alliance
Human Rights Observation Delegation to Honduras
Since a military coup removed President Zelaya on June 28th, the situation in Honduras has become increasingly tense. Honduran human rights and civil society groups continue to report serious violations of civil and human rights against activists, journalists and other social leaders expressing opposition to the coup. 

The Quixote Center, The Hemispheric Social Alliance, and Enlanzando Alternativas (from Europe) have promised ongoing international presence in Honduras for the duration of the crisis, and have been organizing observation delegations on an ongoing basis since the middle of July. Shortly we hope to have a permanent team on the ground to coordinate these delegations. 
If you are interested in coming to Honduras, please carefully read over the following information to determine if a Quixote Center/Hemispheric Social Alliance delegation is right for you. 
The situation on the ground changes quickly. Every day we confirm our activities with our Honduran partners who will indicate where and how we might be most useful on a given day. This means that our schedule is unpredictable, and that there may be some uncertainty and some waiting at any given point. We ask that participants come prepared to be patient and flexible. 
Delegation Objectives:
·         To help safeguard against human rights violations by providing an international presence and witness to events on the ground;
·         To learn about the social, economic and political realities in Honduras through listening to various sectors of civil society, including first-hand accounts of those who have been victims of the post-coup violence;
·         To expose the situation on the ground in Honduras to international media;
·         To advocate, both in Honduras and upon return to our home countries, for the restoration of constitutional order and the protection of human and civil rights.
Probable Activities
·         To be present at some demonstrations as observers (not participants)
·         To follow up with the work of previous delegations (in communication with Honduran partners, officials and organizations)
·         Visit regions in the aftermath of repression to take personal testimonies
·         To hold occasional press conferences, in coordination with Honduran partners
·         To write and send daily reports to our home countries / constituents
Delegation Participants: 

  • Should have experience in “developing” nations or conflict zones
  • Should have the ability to manage stress in a fluid situation
  • Should be patient and flexible
  • Should be aware of and willing to work with intercultural dynamics
  • Should be respectful of and willing to follow the lead of our Honduran partners
  • Should be willing to work with the group on fulfilling the delegation objectives
  • The ability to speak Spanish is a definite asset. Those who do not speak Spanish are welcome and should know that we make every effort to provide translation (and will translate formal meetings or interviews), but that it’s difficult to communicate every conversation or nuance in such a fluid situation. 

Daily-Life Expectations:
·         Days can be unexpectedly long. We’ll try to maintain a regular meal schedule, but be prepared to be flexible, and know your needs. Bring water and snacks, which you can buy at a grocery store here. 
·         We will often travel together in a large van with a hired driver, but sometimes may have to hop in a few taxis to get where we’re going. 
·         We may eat out for dinner, or bring food back to the hotel to cook, or have cooked food delivered. We’ll try to do what’s quick and affordable. Vegetarians welcome. 
·         We’ll try our best to have a regular daily schedule – but again, the situation is highly fluid
Cost:  Cost of a one-week delegation is $700 for in-country expenses (food, lodging, transportation, coordination, translation, etc.), to be transferred in cash to delegation organizers upon arrival. At the request of partners here, we are staying in a hotel which is perhaps a bit more comfortable than normal solidarity lodging. It provides a certain amount of security and dependable wireless service. Part of the delegation cost will be used to support the coordinating team on the ground. Participants are responsible for their own transportation to/from Tegucigalpa. 
One-week delegations run from Saturday to Saturday. We’re in the process of determining exact dates will be. For more information and an application, contact Jennifer Atlee at: