Honduras Update: Military Attack Escalates

Attack on Peaceful Protestors Escalates

Please take action again to stop the repression!

Thank you for your calls to the U.S. State Department – please call again!  The repression is escalating. Crackdowns are occurring in San Pedro Sula as well as Tegucigalpa.

Our delegation is accounted for and unharmed.  They are now accompanying Honduran human rights workers and sending alarming reports.

Police and military are rounding up people and taking them to places used for torture in the 1980’s.  Ambulances full of people with their faces smashed in and bodies beaten are racing to hospitals – among them is Marvin Ponce, a Honduran member of Congress who just met with State Department officials in Washington to denounce to coup.

The Universidad Pedagogica and the STIBYS union hall (a private building which has served as the organizing center for the Anti-Coup resistance front) have been taken by the military and large numbers of people are reported detained.  Human rights organizations fear they are being tortured.

Please call the State Department (202-647-4000) and the U.S. Ambassador Llorens in Tegucigalpa – 011-504-236-9320 ext. # 4268.  Tell them that violence is escalating and that members of our International Delegation, including U.S. citizens, are currently accompanying human rights workers to locations in which people are being detained.


P.S. Video footage of the military taking the streets of Tegucigalpa can be found here.