Honduran Platform for Human Rights opposes proposed Truth Commission

On Feb. 19th, the “Platform for Human Rights” – a coalition that includes each of Honduras’ key human rights organizations – issued a statement strongly criticizing the Truth Commission jointly proposed by the Lobo government and U.S. Administration.  The Honduran Human Rights Platform states that “the conditions for such a commission do not exist” given that, among other reasons:

o   “There is no political will to stop the violation of human rights. Violations continue to be perpetrated against those who (…) condemn the coup d’etat.”
o   The Commission is not being created in conformity with respected international standards applicable to truth commissions. For example, there has been no consultative process involving victims and human rights organizations so as to define the mandate or the type of violations to be investigated.”
o   “State officials, who are authors or accomplices to human rights violations, continue to hold office and could as a consequence be involved in the investigation process.” Here is the translated document:

https://friendshipamericas.org/sites/default/files/sites/quixote.org/files/PLATAFORMA press release 2.18.10 English_0.pdf