Fr. Miquel D'Escoto calls on Obama to turn from violence and follow in the steps of Dr. Martin Luther King

Managua 1/5/2012 – In a public letter, the ex-president of the United Nations General Assembly (2008-2009) and ex-Foreign Minister of Nicaragua (1979-1990), Miguel D’Escoto, called on President Barack Obama, to stop the terrorist, criminal and genocidal actions of the United States.  

Jan. 5, 2012
Mr. President,
When I was president of the United Nations General Assembly I had a large poster of yourself, framed and hanged in the reception room to my office. It had the word HOPE in very large and bold letters printed at the bottom.
I also wrote you a letter letting you know how greatly I had been impressed by your words at a sort of town hall meeting in Strasbourg and how I hoped with all my heart you not only would become a great political leader but a moral-spiritual leader as well, following the steps of Martin Luther King, Yes, you can! With God’s help.
All those beautiful, hope filled words seem now to have vanished in the air. We are praying for you, Mr. President, and you must also pray to be given the spiritual strength to live up to the demands of Peace and Life in these difficult times. Please, Mr. President, do ALL you can to stop the U.S. from being the terrorist, criminal and genocidal empire it has become.
Love and blessings,
your brother,
Father Miguel d’Escoto, M.M.