Chemical War Against the Brazilian Embassy

Honduras News Network, Tegucigalpa , Friday, Sept. 25, 2009; 10:20 a.m. 

The repressive police of the de facto regime over which presides Roberto Michellti is spraying chemicals into the interior of the Brazilian embassy where the Constitutional President, Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales and hundreds of his sympathizers are staying.


Correspondents of the RedHN were informed earlier that the Armed Forces were willing to use the chemical cesium 132 to provoke vomiting with bleeding from the nose and in the urine among the guests of the Diplomatic Mission.


We were informed from inside the Brazilian Embassy that the chemicals were injected through the canal system of the residence and the walls of the garden the are adjacent to neighboring houses and this has caused First Lady, Xiomara Castro de Zelaya and other members of the Resistance to bleed copiously.


Castro de Zelaya courageously climbed a ladder that was against the house behind the embassy to document the equipment that was used by an agent of the Central Office of the National Investigation (DGIN), the soldiers of the Armed Forces and members of the National Police. The repressive agents didn’t expect such heroism from the First Lady and reacted strongly when they discovered her by pointing their guns at her.  

Xiomara Castro, while crying with indignation, spoke with Radio Globo and accused those in charge of the regime of being guilty of these terrorist acts. She indicated that ignoring once more the legal and ethical implications of their actions, they have crossed over a line and entered a path of no return.
The First Lady also called the International Red Cross to come to the Embassy and attend to the victims of the chemical war created by the political military repression. She expressed to them her lack of trust in the Honduran Red Cross.
Some members who have approached the Brazilian Embassy have been repressed with live bullets so that they keep away from the Diplomatic Mission.
Human beings can be exposed to cesium by breathing and ingesting it through food and drinkIt is difficult for the people who experience these effects on their health to relate it to this.

When there is contact with radioactive cesium, something highly unlikely in normal situations, the person can have cellular damage from the radiation emitted by the cesium particles.  This can bring as a consequence, effects such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and bleeding.    If the exposure is great, effects can include loss of consciousness, coma or death.
The regime of Micheletti and Romeo Vasquez Velasquez began to make use of this modern arsenal to repress the Resistance after the incorporation of Billy Fernando Joya Amendola as a security advisor to the usurping regime.
In previous days, the national and international press has provided photos of the modern sound equipment, cell phone blocking devices and chemicals that the armies of the area have and that are arriving from the State of Israel through a security agency that has its offices in front of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal and whose principal owner is an Israeli citizen and also has as an advisor, Billy Joya.
Missions from Doctors Without Borders and Human Rights Groups who have come to the military asking to attend to the victims of the Diplomatic Mission are rejected by the military and police forces of the regime of President Micheletti and Vasquez Velasquez.