8th International Witness Delegation to Honduras – Report on "Elections"

Over the last five months, as we and other solidarity and indepedent media organizations have reported on the egregious human rights violations and other anti-democratic measures committed by the illegal coup regime, that regime has sought to legitimize itself through the execution of the national electoral process originally scheduled for November 29th. The 8th Quixote Center delegation was in Honduras for that event. 

This delegation was not an official election observation delegation. We do not believe that the elections were legitimate, as constitutional order has yet to be restored in Honduras. Our purpose was to bear witness to what was going on in the streets, neighborhoods, and villages of Honduras during the week surrounding the event. To that end, our group of nineteen US and Canadian citizens split into five groups over election weekend and spread out about the country.  Read full report below.

https://friendshipamericas.org/sites/default/files/sites/quixote.org/files/8th Delegation Report.pdf