U.S. to Open a New Military Base in Honduras

Tegucigalpa – Douglas M. Fraser, Commander of the U.S. Southern Command met Honduran Minister of Defense Marlon Pascua and agreed that the United States will increase its military bases in Honduran northern coast.

Fraser is visiting Honduras, according to him, for concreting cooperation agreements to fight drug trafficking and for a better regional security.

El Heraldo newspaper posted that a new base will be open in Islas de Bahia with the assessment of U.S. Southern Command.

The U.S. Southern Command is assessing another base since 2010 in Gracias a Dios department, in the border with Nicaragua with the pretext of fighting drug trafficking.

Fraser will meet President Porfirio Lobo, U.S ambassador Hugo Llorens and several Honduran ministers.

This is the second time Fraser visits Honduras, a country he considers is located in the deadly area in the world, like Iraq and Afghanistan.
Inside Costa Rica, April 15, 2011