Urgent Action for Spanish Speakers – Please call now!

Partners in Honduras have advised that at 4pm today, January 27, three peasants were detained by police during an eviction of one hundred families by police and military in the campamento “Buenos Amigos” in Saba Colón.  It is not clear if security forces had an eviction order or arrest warrants.  Community members reported that one of the detained men had been tortured. Human rights organizations and the community are very concerned about the welfare of the three detained.

 Human Rights partners’ request that Spanish speakers call the police station in Tocoa, Colon: 504- 2444-3106 or 2444-3107 and,

1.       express concern for the three detained: José Santos Rios, Santiago Rodriguez and Jorge Santos

2.       express concern regarding reports that one of the detained was tortured

3.       ask the reason for their arrest

Thanks very much for taking this action.

Jenny Atlee

Honduras Accompaniment Project