Update on Aguan

Thanks to all of you who made phone calls and sent faxes in response to the November 15thmassacre in Aguan. The Platform of Human Rights and the Agrarian Platform of Honduras strongly condemn the brutal attack, the failure to issue arrest warrants for the killings and the militarization of the zone by the Armed Forces.  

Yesterday, over 500 police and military forcibly occupied the National Agrarian Institute in Colon where files on the conflictive land tenure situation are housed. A disinformation campaign attempting to criminalize the peasants of the region is in full force to justify further repression.
Human Rights organizations also denounce that days after the massacre, the Lobo regime passed an anti-terrorism law which will deepen the human rights crisis in the country. Alvaro Uribe, former President of Colombia, arrived in Honduras, receiving a “Champion of Democracy Award” and sending a chilling message to the people of Honduras who have denounced the abuses of Colombian paramilitaries and Special Forces operating in Honduras.
Honduran Human Rights organizations warn of the possibility of more attacks in Aguan and implore the international community to be vigilant. Our 9th Human Rights Accompaniment Delegation will travel to Honduras this weekend. Please visit our website for reports, www.friendshipamericas.org.
This week’s events underscore the need for international accompaniment to help document what is happening in Honduras and get the truth out. Please consider joining our next Accompaniment Delegation January 22-29th, 2011. Contact Jenny jennya@friendshipamericas.org for more information.
Thank you for helping to defend Human Rights in Honduras,
Jenny and Caitlin