PROAH Welcomes New Accompaniers

In July and August, PROAH (Honduras Accompaniment Project/Proyecto de Acompañamiento Internacional en Honduras) welcomed two new accompaniers to our team based in Tegucigalpa. Brigitte Gynther is sponsored by SOAW* and Andreas Hugentobler-Alvarez by Peace Watch Switzerland to work with PROAH. 

In addition, three members of the Witness for Peace International Team based in Nicaragua participated in a PROAH training for accompaniers in Honduras so that they can supplement the PROAH team, responding to short term/urgent accompaniment needs in Honduras. 
We are grateful to Kim Porter and Mary Anne Perrone for providing crucial short term coverage so that team members could get much needed rest. Lucy Edwards made a special trip to Honduras in August to re-establish connections from her work during the 1980’s and help to deepen our analysis of the situation in Honduras and role of U.S. policy.
In November, the Friendship Office and Witness for Peace are co-sponsoring a delegation to Honduras focused on communities impacted by militarization and U.S. policy – and return to the U.S to bear witness at the SOAW vigil at Fort Benning, GA.