November Delegation to Honduras – Friendship Office and Witness for Peace


Delegation to Honduras
Sponsored by the Friendship Office and Witness for Peace
November 8-18th, 2012
9 days in Honduras to witness the effects of US militarization
2 days in Columbus, GA to bear witness at the School of the Americas Vigil


Dear Friends, 
From November 8-18th the Friendship Office and Witness for Peace are jointly sponosoring a delegation to Honduras.  For decades we have been present and accompanied communities in Central America impacted by U.S. policy, militarization and war.  This delegation takes us to the U.S. military stronghold in the region – the place from which those wars are waged.

The delegation will spend 9 days with communities in Honduras to better understand the impact of state terror, militarization and U.S. policy.  We will also witness the resiliency of communities, their efforts to resist militarization, violence and determination to create a more just and peaceful society.

The delegation will then spend 2 days at the SOAW Annual Vigil at Ft. Benning, GA, bearing witness to the impact of U.S. sponsored militarization and the names of victims from the communities we visit in Honduras.
Please contact Jenny Atlee for more information and application.  
In Peace and Hope
The Friendship Office