New Congressional Statement on the Honduran Elections

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                      Michael Mershon (McGovern),202-225-6101
Reps. Farr, Schakowsky, and McGovern Joint Statement on the Honduran Elections  
Washington, DC (December 10, 2013) – Reps.Sam Farr, Jan Schakowskyand Jim McGovern released the following joint statement on the Honduran elections:
“We wish to express our congratulations to the people of Honduras for their commitment to democracy as demonstrated by the participation in recent elections.
“We remain very concerned, however, by the climate of violence, particularly the murders of party members and candidates, including a number from the LIBRE opposition political party, and continuing threats and violence against human rights defenders, campesino organizations, land rights and environmental advocates opposing mining and other large-scale development projects, journalists and LGBT leaders.  It is the responsibility of the Government of Honduras and the Honduran Attorney General’s Office to bring the perpetrators of these murders and the authors of such violence to justice in a swift and timely manner. 
“We also remain concerned about reported irregularities that took place in the elections and call upon the Supreme Electoral Council (TSE) and the Attorney General’s office to fully investigate these allegations and determine corrective measures or punishment if so warranted.  We note that Honduras is in the process of carrying out a recount of the vote and we urge that this be done transparently, with the full support of all political parties and civil society, in as expeditious a manner as possible.
“We further believe it is important that Honduran authorities fully respect the rights of its citizens to freedom of expression and association, including the right to peaceful protest.  We reiterate our support to promote and protect the human rights of all Hondurans and encourage the strengthening of democratic process and institutions in Honduras, and we will continue to monitor these matters closely.”