More repression today in Honduras

Yesterday at least three people who had been arrested last Tuesday in front of the Brazilian Embassy had hearings today. Included was Augustina Flores, the sister of Berta Casares, who according to medical reports is in a delicate state of health.In spite of her serious health issues, she was sent to the women’s prison until her trial.

The 55 people (including two minors and an unknown number of senior citizens) who were captured early this morning at the National Agrarian Institute (INA) had their preliminary hearings today, and were all charged with sedition.

Today’s gathering place for the Resistance Front in Tegucigalpa was in front of Radio Globo, which has been broadcasting only on the internet.While a meeting was in process, the police arrived and indicated that people needed to disperse.Pretty much immediately people began walking in the direction of channel 36 when the police attacked people in the crowd with their clubs and also shot tear gas and rubber bullets into the crowd.It has been reported that some were arrested, but that is as yet not verified.