More Bloodshed in Bajo Aguán

April 23, 2011 – Two peasant leaders were found decapitated in the Bajo Aguán, Atlantic Honduras, after being captured by security guards of landowners in the zone, stated Gilberto Ríos, President of FIAN-Honduras.

 The assassinated peasants Daniel García Enamorado, 26 years old, and Carlos Alberto Acosta Canales, 56, were found without their heads and hands bound this weekend. They were members of the Authentic Peasant Movement of the Aguán (MUCA).
FIAN stated that according to testimonies from agricultural workers, the two peasant leaders had been captured by the security guards of landowners, Reynaldo Canales and René Morales.
Approximately 50 peasants have been killed in the last two years in the
Aguán by hit men and security guards employed by Miguel Facussé, Canales y Morales.
These killings are part of the repression that three thousand peasants are subjected to due to hired assassins, security guards, military and police in the service of the landholders.