Message from teachers in Honduras

Since the disputed election at the end of November, repression of the resistance in Honduras has continued. A number of activists have been killed and others detained and beaten badly. Because of the role the teachers were playing in the resistance, the government shut the schools for holidays a month early, at the end of October instead of November. The government has tried to make up the month of missed classes by starting school a month early—as of today, January 4.

 The following is a message from one of the Honduran teacher activists sent to the British Colombia Teachers Federation on January 4:
‘The government called all teachers who work at public schools to start their job today January the 4th, even though, the law says February the 1st. Almost 90% of the teachers didn´t show up to work, just nearly the 10%.     
I am informing you that the President of Honduras Manuel Zelaya Rosales is still technically incarcerated in the Brazilian Embassy.
On Thursday January the 7th, the National Resistance Movement has planned a gigantic demonstration in the streets of Tegucigalpa to continue to condemn the Coup that happened on June 28th , moreover, to repudiate the right wing majority members of the Congress because they are planning to remove Honduras from the “ALBA” (Bolivarian Alternative from the Americas).”