Latest news from the State Department and Secretary General Insulza

Micheletti told the OAS mission yesterday that there will be elections in November unless you invade us. He also said that “you don’t know all of the truth and you don’t want to know it.” As the negotiations began, riot police attacked a group of people who were marching from the U.S. to the Guatemalan Embassy.The Spokesperson for the State Department Philip Crowley said that “time is running out” to resolve the Central American crisis and the time to sign an agreement “is now”. He said that the message of the U.S. to the OAS mission is that “this crisis needs to be resolved.” He said that the U.S. would not recognize the planned election if there is not a guarantee that they are free, just and legitimate, and what this means is that it is necessary to first restore democratic and constitutional order in Honduras.Secretary General Insulza, who is leading the mission that includes 11 foreign ministers from the región and Spain, said that the OAS would gladly return to observer the elections, if the different sides are able to reach an agreement to resolve the political crisis. He said that “the entire world should commit to maintain the peace” while the OAS recognizes the elections “with the hope that there is an agreement on all themes.”He hoped that the dialogue would reach a consensus about the key points to reestablish democracy in Honduras: the re-establishment of Zelaya in his position so that he can finish his four year period which ends on January 27th, in order to turn over power to the person who wins the elections on November 29th; re-establish constitutional guarantees; an opening of the media outlets which have been censured and a guarantee for President Zelaya conditions appropriate to his position.