Election update: Frente and COFADEH announce successful conquest of fraudulent electoral process

In brief…

  • Frente announces 65-70% absenteeism based on the observation of polls.  In Teguc, abseentee rates were around 60%, while in San Pedro they were closer to 80%.
  • COFADEH highlights the dozens detained, including 38 people in the repression of the march in San Pedro Sula, during which a Reuters photographer was severly beaten up and two human rights observations with the Council of Latin American churches were detained.  Early reports indicate that all of those detained in the last 36 hours, regardless of the circumstances, will be charged with electoral crimes, which is penalized under the Electoral Code with six years in prison. 
  • Private enterprise and the government threaten people’s jobs if they fail to prove they voted.
  • Some communities, including in Catacamas, Olancho, report that small appliances and even houses were being raffled off to people who could prove they voted.
  • The regime announced at 4pm that they would keep polls open an extra hour, because they claim to have run out of the ink used to stain the pinkies of voters as a way of proving that people voted.
  • Communities in Magdalena, Intibuca report that Salvadorans from the right wing ARENA party were brought in to vote.

The Frente is calling for a celebration tomorrow at STIBYS at noon, followed by a Victory Caravan starting at 3pm.