COFADEH Warns of New Escalation of Repression

According to Bertha Oliva, Coordinator of COFADEH, statements by dictator Micheletti accusing the resistance movement of committing the murder of 16 year old Rodríguez Cabrera are a portent of more blood, persecution and violence for the people of Honduras. 
On Wednesday, the de facto President stated that “assassins of the Resistance” murdered
Nicolle Rodríguez Cabrera (16), daughter of journalist Karol Cabrera, who works for the Channel 8 National Television Station of Honduras. 
In a press conference yesterday, COFADEH stated that Micheletti’s statements come in the context of the massacre of people in different part of the country, the murder of human rights defender Walter Tróchez and Karen Jessenia Hernández Mondragón and the disappearance of Carlos Roberto Turcios Maldonado, leader of the National Resistance Front as well as the persecution and illegal detention of peasants from the Unified Peasant Movement of  Aguan (MUCA).
Oliva warned that Micheletti’s accusations are the preamble to a new escalation of repression against the media which has courageously denounced the atrocities of the regime which include over 30 deaths, hundreds of tortures, persecutions, threats and surveillance which together form a strategy of terror intended to break the people’s resistance against the coup de tat.
COFADEH stated that Micheletti, Romeo Vásquez Velásquez and all of their well known accomplices are responsible for the escalation of the repression against members of the resistance and issued an urgent call to international human rights organizations to take immediate action to safeguard the lives of the people of Honduras.